Our mission is to provide world-class language
access to the Deaf community


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We apply a values-based approach to guide our decision making

TCS Interpreting


We believe that everyone has a right to language access. TCS Interpreting understands that businesses desire to meet the language needs of their Deaf employees, clients, and the general public with which they interact. We are committed to working alongside businesses and agencies to offer a range of services to meet this need.

  • TCS Interpreting

    On-Site & Remote Sign Language Interpreting

    Offering world-class language access across the nation.

  • TCS Interpreting

    On-Site & Remote CART

    Realtime transcription services for a variety of settings.

  • TCS Interpreting

    ASL Classes & Training

    Opportunities to grow your understanding of communication techniques and Deaf Culture.

  • TCS Interpreting

    Business Consulting

    Helping our industry agencies develop best practices in their workplace.

  • TCS Interpreting

    Expert Witnesses

    Subject matter experts with relevant and unassailable education, training, and knowledge.

  • TCS Interpreting

    Assistive Technology

    Specialized services for blind, low-vision, and deaf-blind individuals.