On-Site & Remote Sign Language Interpreters

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Our interpreters are skilled professionals who adhere to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Code of Professional Conduct (CPC). Most of our interpreters hold national certification, and those who do not yet hold certification are paired with a mentor until they reach certification. While TCS Interpreting is committed to growing new interpreters in the field, we never compromise quality. All of our interpreters pass a rigorous internal screening process to ensure their qualification before joining TCSI. ASL interpreting services are provided for both on-site and remote settings. Because interpreters are typically generalists, TCS Interpreting recognizes this challenge and works with Deaf and hard of hearing consumers to identify language challenges in their respective industries. Our interpreters, then, study to attain competency in order to effectively provide services for Deaf and hard of hearing professionals working in these important settings. TCSI provides these services in the following settings:

In an office setting, a man looks over two persons. One is sitting and one is signing.
On-Site Interpreting

On-Site interpreting is when an interpreter in is the same room with the hearing and Deaf consumer.

A man with a gray sweater looks at the video platform while watching at man with a blue top. A man with blue top is speaking.
Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is when the interpreter joins the meeting via video. Both the hearing and Deaf consumers are in the same room while the interpreter is connected using a VRI platform.

Certified Deaf Interpreters

A Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) is a specialist who provides cultural and linguistic expertise in an interpreted interaction. A CDI is often a native signer with a lifetime of experience as a Deaf individual, and trained to ensure effective communication.

Legal Interpreting

Highly qualified and trained interpreters are needed to work in legal settings—particularly in court and law enforcement proceedings, where matters involving high-risk and personal freedoms are often the focus.

Medical Interpreting

Medical interpreters specialize in interpreting between patients and doctors, nurses, lab technicians and other healthcare providers. It is critical that interpreters are trained and qualified in medical terminology, so they can accurately interpret any medically-related interactions.

Technical Interpreting

TCS Interpreting provides interpreters in highly technical settings which require proficiency in the language, context and culture of diverse settings such as Information Technology, Finance and Banking, Science and Engineering.

Government Interpreting

The federal government is the major employer of Deaf and hard of hearing employees in the United States. TCS Interpreting maintains a presence in numerous federal agencies which are serious about providing equal access to enable their employees to be productive and contributing members of the federal workforce.

High Profile Interpreting

Deaf and hard of hearing employees, participants and consumers have made great strides in upward mobility since the passage of the ADA over 20 years ago. TCS Interpreting provides the area’s most sought after interpreters to work in high profile assignments such as in the White House, Congress, for foreign dignitaries and international conferences and political congresses.

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