On-Site & Remote CART

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is also referred to as real-time captioning or live-event captioning.

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is a way to transcribe spoken English into readable English text. CART services are provided using the latest real-time technology combined with a stenotype machine and notebook computer. The text appears on a computer monitor or other display and serves as an important communication tool for people who are Deaf, hard of hearing, or learning a second language. There are two types of CART services that TCSI provides: on-site and remote.

CART provides a complete translation of all spoken words and environmental sounds for the benefit of an individual consumer or larger group in a variety of settings, including classrooms, courtrooms, religious services, conventions and conferences, personal appointments and events, civic events, cultural presentations, or anywhere communication access is needed. Increasingly, CART is being provided remotely via the Internet or a telephone connection. A CART provider must also be sensitive to the varying needs of consumers.

On-Site: A trained CART writer travels to the site of the event. The writer comes prepared with all necessary equipment to provide CART services. The writer can provide services one-on-one or to a large group of people. The writer is able to project the written transcription to a television or a projector for larger audiences. When projecting CART, the client is required to provide the projector and the screen.

Remote CART: A trained CART writer works from a remote location and sends CART in real-time to the user. All the user needs to have is an internet connection. Remote CART can be displayed on a computer, laptop, iPad, tablet or even a smartphone. There are various sites and applications that can be used to display a remote CART transcription.

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