Expert Witnesses

TCS Interpreting employs subject matter experts in areas related to interacting with Deaf or hard of hearing individuals. TCSI employees are well versed in industry standards of interpreting in content areas such as legal, medical, deaf-blind, low-vision, government, and business settings. TCSI provides a special expertise in video remote interpreting (VRI) services, including the technical specifications required for effective delivery of interpreting services via the internet. In addition to VRI services, TCSI also offers a wealth of knowledge in legal interpreting and the work of certified Deaf interpreters (CDI). CDIs often work in specific settings when there are linguistic challenges present that necessitate a full team of interpreters. These settings can include law enforcement, legal, mental health, or juvenile matters. TCSI is the only agency nationwide that provides certified Deaf interpreters via a video remote platform on a daily basis and therefore has unique insight into how to configure such assignments effectively.

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