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TCS Interpreting (TCSI) does some amazing things. We do what we love and do it with a purpose: providing native language access to the Deaf community. We have come a long way over the past 30+ years in the business, and look forward to another 30 years of providing dynamic communication solutions. Depending on the type of position you choose and the number of hours you are willing to commit, TCSI can offer a robust and comprehensive benefits package. We invite you to join us on a journey that provides unique industry opportunities, while working alongside a talented and dedicated team. If you are committed to the profession, share our passion for language access, and a corporate culture that values a healthy work-life balance, then TCSI is the right place for you!

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Job Opportunities

Join us! We are a group who has fun together and knows what it means to interpret. It’s Tough. Rewarding. Challenging. Transformative. Inspiring.

Staff Interpreter

Learn more about our staff interpreter position

Position Description:
Staff interpreters must be fluent in English and American Sign Language, and able to accurately and effectively interpret from ASL to English, and English to ASL. Staff interpreters also provide exceptional customer service to all stakeholders. They work in a variety of settings throughout the MD/DC/VA area, and are part of a team of colleagues managed by an interpreter manager.

Staff interpreters are also knowledgeable of Deaf culture, have an excellent understanding of current issues in the interpreting field, and are comfortable interacting within the Deaf/interpreting communities. All TCS Interpreting staff adhere to the RID Code of Professional Conduct and TCS Interpreting Policies and Procedures. In addition, TCS Interpreting staff are expected to embody the core values of the company.

Staff positions are available in two categories: 4 days/week (32 hours), and 5 days/week (40 hours).

All salaried positions are based in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area.

Duties & Responsibilities:
The duties described below are the staff interpreter’s primary duties. Interpreters who embody the TCS Interpreting core values will seek out additional ways to contribute to the TCS Interpreting community through professional development, community involvement, mentoring and other related activities. Among other duties, staff interpreters are or will:

•Able to accurately interpret or translate English to ASL and ASL to English in a variety of settings, including but not limited to; government agencies, educational settings, medical settings, commercial organizations, and VRI assignments.
•Support Deaf/hearing colleague(s) through a collaborative team interpreting approach.
•Provide assignment related feedback to the scheduling department which benefits the next interpreter assigned at that location.
•Obtain a security clearance.
•Complete necessary badging paperwork requested by TCSI clients.
•Participate in annual Values Based Assessment.
•Demonstrate flexibility in accepting last minute schedule changes.
•Arrive at all assignments with sufficient time to navigate any security protocol, and ready to provide services at the start time of the assignment.
•Own a reliable, personal vehicle or have access to a vehicle when needed between the hours of 7:00am – 5:30pm, Monday through Friday (Hours may vary depending on assignment times and locations. Days vary for 4 day/week staff interpreters).

Requirements & Qualifications:
•National Certification (NAD IV, CI, CT, NIC, NIC Advanced, NIC Master, CDI).
•Bachelor’s degree in relevant area or 4 years of experience in relevant area.
•Active participation in peer to peer mentoring program is strongly encouraged.

Professional Responsibilities
•Exhibit professional and ethical behavior at all times.
•Adhere to the RID Code of Professional Conduct.
•Adhere to The TCSI Handbook.
•Dress in a professional manner in accordance with all assignments.
•High level of self-motivation.
•Strong oral and written communication.
•Provide outstanding customer service to all consumers.
•Demonstrate exceptional performance standards by applying best practices.

Benefits Offered:
•Health, Dental, Vision
•100% Employer Paid Short/Long Term Disability, Life Insurance
•401(k) with Company Match
•Personal Time Off
•Paid Federal Holidays
•Legal Interpreting Program
•Teaming with Certified Deaf Interpreters
•Mentoring Program
•In-House Workshops
•Leadership Opportunities
•And more!

Interested applicants should send their resume and cover letter to

PRN-RH Interpreter

PRN* Interpreter

Learn more about our freelance interpreter position

PRN interpreter positions are available nationwide. As a W-2 employee, a PRN enjoys the convenience of TCSI tracking and submitting their tax withholdings. In addition, they enjoy the benefit of direct deposit. The pay rate is a set, non-negotiable rate. The PRN manages their own schedule by expressing interest in available jobs found in our online scheduling system.

*PRN = Pro Re Nata. The latin term for ad-hoc or as needed.

Independent Contractor


Learn more about the mentorship program

Program Description:
Mentoring is an essential part of bridging the gap between formal education and certification. All TCSI mentors are uniquely qualified and understand the benefits of the mentoring and internship experience. They apply a collaborative approach to accommodate your needs and help you reach your goals. The TCSI Mentorship Program provides opportunities that allow interpreters to comfortably grow their skills.

We offer both an internship and residency based on skill level and professional goals. TCSI offers three cohorts per year: spring, summer and fall. We invite you to apply, and work with a team of talented mentors who specialize in a various settings.

Interested applicants may submit their resume and cover letter to

Spring 2018 Deadline: October 20th, 2017

Learn more about being a regular-hour interpreter

PRN-RH positions are available in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. The PRN-RH interpreter holds their schedule for TCSI up to 3 days/week between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (number of days determined by the company’s needs). In return for this commitment, TCSI pays the PRN-RH interpreter a minimum of 7 hours for their workday. They also enjoy the benefits of W-2 tax withholding and direct deposit.

*PRN = Pro Re Nata. The latin term for ad-hoc or as needed.

Learn more about being an independent contractor

Independent Contractor positions are available nationwide. Independent contractors are interpreters who retain an LLC, C, or SCorp. An IC is required to submit documentation from the state showing their business is in good standing, provide proof of business liability insurance and other information, as needed.

IC interpreters track and submit their own tax withholdings. They enjoy the convenience of submitting time sheets and receiving payment via TCSI’s online system.

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